Refund Policy

  1. Collect the prescribed Fee Refund Application Form from office and fill it completely.
  2. At the time of Refund form submission, Student ID and original Fees Receipt will have to be affixed with the form attach original receipt(s) of total fee deposited.
  3. Submit the filled-in refund Application Form in person along with above mentioned documents to the coordinator in the office.
  4. Only student/parent can submit "Fee Refund" application in person. Please note that, we will not accept the Fee Refund application form from any other person/relative/friend.
  5. Processing of application for refund takes approximately 15 working days.
  6. Refund will be processed after the approval of Director.
  7. Fee will be refunded by account payee cheque only in the father/candidates name.
  8. Only the student or his/her parent can collect cheque for refund of fee. Refund cheque will not be given to friend/relative or any other person.
  9. The student/parents should understand that fee refund is a part of institutes policy and we strictly follow the refund rules & regulations as mentioned above. Please also note that refund requests made verbally/orally or through Telephone/email/Fax are also not entertained.
  10. Any legal matter/dispute related to fee refund is subject to Hadwani jurisdiction only.
  11. The Service Tax & Education Tax on course fee & refund amount is liable to change as per the revision made by Government of India.
  12. Fees refund on disciplinary Grounds: This is a very special provision regarding fee refund. If a entire Batch/Class or majority of its students is found to be involved in an incident of indiscipline at any point of time during the Academic session; the entire Batch/Class or majority of students may be rusticated from the institute. In such a case, the fee refund will be as per the Refund Policy.
  13. If the student discontinue in between the sessions and does not complete his studies, the caution Money will not be refundable.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Every student must attend the classes in his/her assigned batch only.
  2. Student must attend the classes and test series regularly. Students and Parents/guardians will be solely responsible for students absenteeism from the classes and Test series.
  3. Student must maintain a strict discipline. Defaulter student will be rusticated from the institute without refund of fee.
  4. Homework assigned must be tried sincerely and when asked must be shown during lecture.
  5. The instructions communicated through Notice Board should be followed in right spirit.
  6. Enrolled students are expected to progress satisfactorily. Any student, whose record falls below the minimum acceptable standard, will be asked to withdraw from the institute. In such cases fees paid will not be refunded.
  7. If a student is found to have got admission through forged mark sheets, signature of parents, etc. his/ her studentship will be terminated and full fee will be forfeited.
  8. Our course material is exclusively for use of our bonafide students only. It shall not be redistributed, sold, loaned or copied. If a student is found to have allowed our study material to be misused, his/ her enrolment with ONRISE will be terminated without refund of fee and action will be taken against that student as per Copyright Act. Our decision in such case will be final.
  9. On Loss of I-Card, duplicate I-Card will cost Rs. 200/-.
  10. Commutation to Institute will be the sole responsibility of the student. If any problem occurs during travelling to the Institute, it is solely the responsibility of the student.
  11. If the student indulges in any kind of unfair or unsocial activity, it is the responsibility of the student and his parents only. The Institute bears no responsibility for the same.
  12. Dress Code : Students have to be in uniform provided by the Institute.
  13. Mobiles are generally not allowed in the campus & if necessary can be kept in switched off mode only in the campus.
  14. Before seeking admission, read and understand fee refund rules contained in this information booklet, fee will be refunded strictly as per fee refund rules